Deskera's Answers to Problems in Medical Device Manufacturing

What Makes Deskera the Ideal Choice for Medical Device Manufacturing?

Simple Implementation

Deskera offers medical device manufacturers with quick, user-friendly setup, ensuring a smooth transition to their manufacturing ERP for efficient business operations.

Integrated Modules

Deskera manufacturing ERP provides interaction between various functions, enhancing efficiency by centralizing data and streamlining processes for comprehensive business management.

Transparent Pricing

Deskera offers straightforward, clear pricing models, eliminating hidden fees to the medical device industry and ensuring cost predictability for budget-conscious businesses.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Deskera's real-time reporting and analytics, grant immediate insight into your operations. Monitor KPIs, and pinpoint areas for enhancement.

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Streamline Operations, Schedule Tasks, and Meet Deadlines

Get automated scheduling for optimized workflows. Cost estimation and variance analysis ensure efficient production with accurate costing.

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Precise Production Planning

Optimize resource allocation, minimize waste, and deliver high-quality results in a structured and organized manner with manufacturing ERP for medical manufacturing.

Seamless Scheduling

Deskera manufacturing ERP facilitates the medical device manufacturing industry with efficient scheduling that keeps operations running smoothly with minimal disruptions.

Control Production Costs

Medical device manufacturers can now align production plans with financial objectives, incorporating budget limits and cost-efficient strategies with Deskera manufacturing ERP.


Mastering Supply Chains and Redefining Procurement Excellence

Manage your supply chain with streamlined procurement procedure. Improve traceability and supplier relationships with our manufacturing ERP.

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Streamlined Procurement

Deskera manufacturing ERP for medical device manufacturers allows for centralized procurement processes, enabling manufacturers to consolidate purchasing functions.

Better Supplier Relationships

Deskera manufacturing ERP facilitates reduced procurement costs through bulk purchasing, negotiation of better supplier agreements, and improved supplier relationship management.

Enhanced Traceability

Deskera provides end-to-end visibility into the supply chain. Track the movement of materials, components, and products in real-time, to trace the origin and quality of materials.


Beyond Stockpiles: Elevating Success with Precision Inventory Management

Achieve control, efficiency, and savings with efficient inventory management solutions

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Multi-location Management

Handle inventory across multiple warehouses, distribution centers, and even global locations. This capability ensures efficient allocation, reducing the need for excess safety stock.

Automated Reordering

Configure Deskera manufacturing ERP for medical device manufacturing to automatically generate purchase orders when inventory levels reach predefined thresholds.

Barcode and RFID Integration

Deskera offers integration with barcode and RFID technology, enabling accurate tracking and management of inventory items, speeding up the inventory counting process.


Unleash Efficiency with Work Order Mastery

Automate work orders, track progress, manage resources, costs efficiently

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Efficient Task Assignment

Deskera manufacturing ERP enables automated work order creation and task assignment, ensuring that the right personnel or resources are allocated to each task based on skill sets, availability, and priorities.

Real-Time Progress Tracking

Our manufacturing ERP for medical device manufacturers provides real-time visibility into the progress of work orders, facilitating immediate issue resolution, thus, improving customer satisfaction.

Cost and Resource Optimization

Monitor and optimize resource utilization, including labor, materials, and equipment, with our ERP for medical device manufacturing, resulting in cost savings and improved profitability.

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